Why Your Business Needs a Website

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Why Your Rubbish Collection Business Needs a Website

People are using the internet more than ever these days and if your waste collection business is not online then you are missing out on potential customers that are looking for your services.

There are several methods of online advertising, for example paid adverts like Google AdWords, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and through Social Media.

All of these methods will help you find the potential customers that need their waste collected. You will need a website first to showcase what you have to offer.

You will want to promote a professional image of your company that will appeal to your customers and make them enquirer, book your services or buy from you.

It is worth having a professional company build the site for you from scratch, they can also make it SEO friendly. This means that if someone searches for rubbish clearance surrey or whatever phrase you are targeting, it will show up high on the first page of the Search Engines.

As more people are using mobile devices such as smart phones and tables, your website should be mobile ready and responsive.

Have clear contact details displayed on the site with a contact page also for email inquiries.

You can anything that you wish for example photos, videos, a blog with latest news and offers. The world is your oyster!

It would be wise to have a testimonial page and you should encourage your clients to give you a good review if you gave good service.

You should consider a payment processor also to take payments.

Running a website is relatively inexpensive compared to a tradition bricks and mortar establishment. It will cost around £50 per month for hosing and an email auto responder. You will get a shop front that is online 24 hours every day working for you even when you sleep.

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