Social Media

How Has Social Media Changed the Way We Communicate?

Social media comprises of computer based apps that enable people and companies to share, create, and exchange information, career ideas, interests, pictures and videos in virtual networks and communities. Social media;

social communication

  • Has web 2.0 internet based applications
  •  A user generated content that enables its users to create service specific profiles for their site or applications.
  • Enables the user to design and maintain their social media organization and it facilitates the development of the online social networks by connecting the users profile to other individual’s or groups.
  • Social media has gone viral and has influenced the way we communicate all over the world. Different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been built up to lighten the communication barrier all over the world. Below are a few ways social media has influenced how we communicate;
  • Interaction; before social networks came, communication was limited. People interacted with the few people they knew around; school, church, organizations and events. Today, one is able to interact with anyone in any country or state without having to know them personally. Social media has enabled users to include their biographies that briefly explain who they are and where they come from.
  • No filter on the way we speak; in the past, unless you had the chance to speak to someone directly, getting your message across was difficult regardless of your freedom of speech. Through social media, one is able to get their messages across to thousands and even millions of people by just posting a video, picture or a written message.
  • Writing techniques; the social media has changed the written word in a lot of ways; writing is more summarized and abbreviations are more prevalent.


Social Media has influenced the world in lots of ways; it has opened up the world in ways no one ever anticipated.