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Do you need a new wardrobe?

wardrobes with sliding doors

wardrobeWhether you have moved to a new place, or you are just not happy with your old furniture, this article is for you for you. In this article, we give you a recommendation which furniture you should get and why.

The most important thing that you have to consider when choosing a wardrobe is how many places do you have in your bedroom. Most bedrooms, especially in London do not have a much space and that’s a reason why many people choose fitted wardrobe.

The main benefits of fitted wardrobe are that it will not take more space that is severally for it, therefore it will save you space and make your bedroom look more stylish as fitted wardrobes just look better than some random size wardrobe from IKEA or any other.

The other thing that gets affected by the size of your room in the doors of the wardrobe. If you have a large room you can get a wardrobe with sliding doors, however, if you don’t have enough space for the doors, you will need to choose a wardrobe with sliding doors.

Here is an example of a wardrobe that I have got from a company FCI London, they have done a great job as you can see in the video.


For every single person and room, there’s a perfect wardrobe, you just have to choose the best for you